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Rock, Toons' English premiership stadium pack [PS3]

Rock, Toons' English premiership stadium download pack!

Download for ps3 uk!

This is basically a single download for all the Premierships stadiums created on this thread. It includes 17 stadiums. Old Traford is already in the game. The city of Manchester stadium as well as the emirates are not included in this download unfortunately. However 2 new stadiums which haven't been posted yet are! These are The Hawthorns and Bloomfield!
Many hours have went into creating these stadiums by many contributers including myself Rocksteadyeddie, Dale Toon, Beasty and Cfabragas4. So thanks lads, great job!

It is not my intention to recreate either of the two missing stadiums as I don't think I personally can get a good enough likeness and think the in game stadiums give a better representation of these two particular stadiums given the options for editing but if anyone else wants a crack at them go for it ! I'll include them in this pack.

Ps3 uk multi stadiums link
new link

1. BLES01020ST_ Export02 = Upton Park by Dale Toon
2. BLES01020ST_ Export03 = Stamford Bridge by Rocksteadyeddie
3. BLES01020ST_ Export04 = The DW Stadium by Rocksteadyeddie
4. BLES01020ST_ Export05 = St. Andrews by Rocksteadyeddie
5. BLES01020ST_ Export07 = Anfield by Dale Toon
6. BLES01020ST_ Export08 = The Stadium of Light by Dale Toon
7. BLES01020ST_ Export09 = Ewood Park by Rocksteadyeddie
8. BLES01020ST_ Export10 = The Britannia Stadium by Rocksteadyeddie
9. BLES01020ST_ Export11 = Villa Park by Dale Toon
10. BLES01020ST_ Export12 = White Hart Lane by Cfabragas4
11. BLES01020ST_ Export13 = The Hawthorns by Rocksteadyeddie
12. BLES01020ST_ Export15 = The Reebok by Rocksteadyeddie
13. BLES01020ST_ Export16 = Bloomfield Road by Rocksteadyeddie
14. BLES01020ST_ Export17 = Goodison Park by Rocksteadyeddie
15. BLES01020ST_ Export18 = Molineux Stadium by Rocksteadyeddie
16. BLES01020ST_ Export19 = Craven Cottage by Beasty
17. BLES01020ST_ Export20 = St james by Rocksteadyeddie


The Stadium parts you'll need to 'buy' from the game's 'extra content' menu - stadium parts are....

Stadium parts 1 ( one or two stadiums use this)
Stadium parts 8 ( most important ! used in most )
Stadium parts 11 ( which is only used for one stadium!)
Stadium parst 12 ( which I can't remember using on any )
Stadium parts 17 ( For the Reebok )
Stadium parts 19 ( for two or three )

Instructions for getting the stadiums into the game. Ok buddy you've got to copy the files onto your ps3 hard drive then import them into the game. When you've extracted the file all the stadiums should have been in a folder called SAVEDATA if it isn't named this rename it as such. Make a new folder on your flash/usb called ps3 and put the SAVEDATA folder inside this.
Plug your usb into you Ps3 ( this will only work on uk ps3's ) and go to your ps3's main menu.
Go to the game menu and instead of starting the game go to the ' Saved Data Utility (ps3 tm)' and press your X button. You should now be able to see your usb device at the top! Press X again on the usb icon and you should see thumbnails of all the stadiums. while on each thumbnail press the triangle green button on your ps3 controller and you'll be given an option to 'copy'. Press your X button and it''ll ask you if your sure and you say yes and you'll see it copying the the data to your harddrive. Do this with all the thumbnails where you see a picture of a stadium.
When all are copied start the game up and go to the edit menu.
In the edit menu go to stadium edit. Pick either stadium creator or stadium edit ( stadium edit will overight any perviously saved stadiums!) When you have done this you'll see at the bottom of the menu two options to import and export. Choose import and you see all the saved thumbnails you saved earlier. Simply pick one and the game will ask you if you want to load saved data and you pick yes!
The game will load the data and you can use the stadium in the game! Repeat the process with all the stadiums you want to import! I think there are twenty spaces for custom stadiums.
Once you have did all that simply go into team edit and assign the correct stadium to the correct team.
Hope this helps buddy if you have any problems just message me.

Ps. You don't need to copy all the stadiums if you don't want too, you can just copy and import the ones you want!

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