Monday, November 8, 2010

[PS3 - BLES 01022] DFL OptionFile 2011 Version 1.01

DFL OptionFile 2011 Version 1.01
only for EU Version BLES 01022

Welcome to Bundesliga.
The funniest League in Europe. Get into it.
Feel the Difference with 6 Full European Leagues.
Everything is licensed. Get the acutal stats for every player, and up to date Squads.
All you need is this OptionFile.

DFL OptionFile 2011 Homepage
created by shadowdealer.



Barclay's Premier League:
All 20 Teams.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.
incl. Stamford Bridge

All 18 Teams new created.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.
Stats from
incl. Stadiums

Seria A:
All 20 Teams.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.
Unlicensed Teams created.

Ligue 1:
All 20 Teams.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.

All 18 Teams.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.

All 20 Teams.
Kits, Badges and Full Squads.
Unlicensed Teams created.

All 4 Continents.
Kits and Full Squad.
Real Names.

Classic Teams
All 6 Teams.
Kits and Real Names.

Full Compatible to Konami DataPack 1.00
All Missing Transfers are Done
(Robinho, Ibrahimovic -> AC Milan, Özil, Khedira -> Real Madrid...)

Get excited, all News in this first Post and Facebook.
You can mail me everytime, I answer every question!

Any Questions?
>>The DFL OF 2011 FAQ
>>The DFL OF 2011 Stadium List of 1.50
>>The DFL OF 2011 Editing Group

Around 200 Files to copy!

Download on File-Upload EDIT DATA 1.01 (You need 0.5&1.0 before)

Download on File-Upload ADD-ON 1.0 (You need 0.5 before)

Download on MediaFire BASE FILE 0.5:

Special Versions [only additional]
DFL OF with 2.Bundesliga by 0bvb9
DFL OF with Serie B by The Raffaxis

beks Chantpack 2011 2.November


Everyone who respects the work we do here, may donate money?
NOT MUCH! Only 1€ per downlaod would be 10.000€ ! Wouldn't it be nice?
This helps, because all I am doing, is free for you. Thank You !


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ICQ: 315185386
PSN: XCristiano1992

Credits to:
pspjohnny, Becks, ibo109, Gammelgoal, Husher and JackWhoBRA

Download the 0.5 and the 1.0 from the First Post.
Change the end of the 1.0 Filename to ".rar", for example new Filename is "Bundesliga.rar"
Extract 0.5, then 1.0 into the same Folder (overwrite if it askes)
Copy the PS3 folder to your USB-Device and plug it into your PS3
Go to Games - > SaveDataProgramm (PS3) - > USB-Device and wait till all files are shown!
Copy every File to your PS3 (Not possible to copy all in once)

Also have a look at the Instructions on our Homepage:

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