Monday, November 8, 2010

[PS3 US version] Pelegrini90's Option File

For the ones that have the US version of the game, after the excellent job from mrgametight's base option file at EPL , Serie A and La Liga unlicensed teams kits, I am working at the addition of national teams kits and also planning to have ready some teams from bundesliga soon. In a longer period, I hope to have bundesliga complete.
For the moment, my first release will just have national teams kits because for creating bundesliga teams, I need to buy the unlockeable players and I have no money at all.

First Release:
Mrgametight's previously work:
Summary:EPL, LFP and Serie A unlicensed teams done. Tournament's correct emblems. Many corrected names of unlicensed National teams and replace duplicates.
My work:
ALL National Teams with chest logo (in some teams, I used home or away logo for keeper because I didn't find one). For some of the teams, I didn't have info about formulas(mainly Asia), so I just edited them like I thought they could be. There also might be some kits that are not updated.
Emblems, names and kits for all teams of Bundesliga. No players created yet. Some players registered.
Other minor changes.

Second Release:
Partial Bundesliga created (still eight teams incomplete). The players were created according to pesstatsdatabase minus two(credit to gabiduta1 for his help with the creation of some players). Some players stats modified. Some kits updated. Many hairstyles modified according to their actual state(Tev├ęz, Meireles, Adebayor, etc). Some combinations of faces and hairstyles used. Chants issue fixed. All hidden players with correct names. Other minor changes.

(You need to have installed the DLC of October) :

If you want the Complete Option File(includes everything):

If you had my 1st release version and you only want the additional files of the 2nd release, you can download from here:

If you had Mrgametight's OF but not my 1st release and you only want the additional files of my OF(including 1st and 2nd release), you can download from here:

SUGGESTION to avoid problem with trophies: BEFORE starting to copy, I suggest you to DELETE your edit file manually, instead of replacing it. The other files, you can replace them.

To install:
1. Add the folder "PS3" downloaded to a pendrive.
2. Plug USB stick into PS3
3. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility
4. Find your USB stick
5. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file
6. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, a Copy option will appear
7. Copy onto your PS3
8. Repeat for all the other files (this may take a while but it is worth it)
9. You are ready to play

Hope you like it and enjoy it.

Credits: Mrgametight , JackWHOBRA, Husher, Charlie

If you want to donate via PayPal for any amount you want, you can do it to the user

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