Monday, October 11, 2010

Aiden McGeady Stats

Name: Aiden McGeady
Club: Spartak Moscow
Number: 64
Position: SMF*, WF
Nationality: Irish
Age: 24 (04-APR-1986)

Foot: R
Side: B

Length: 178
Weight: 72

Attack: 77
Defence: 49
Balance: 75
Stamina: 86
Top Speed: 85
Acceleration: 88
Response: 81
Agility: 91
Dribble Accuracy: 91
Dribble Speed: 87
Short Pass Accuracy: 74
Short Pass Speed: 75
Long Pass Accuracy: 77
Long Pass Speed: 83
Shot Accuracy: 73
Shot Power: 83
Shot Technique: 80
Free Kick Accuracy: 75
Curling: 83
Header: 69
Jump: 76
Technique: 86
Aggression: 85
Mentality/Tenacity: 74
Keeper Skills: 50
Team Work: 73

Injury Tolerance: B
Form/Condition/Fitness: 7
Weak Foot Accuracy: 6
Weak Foot Frequency: 6
Consistency: 5

*Tactical Dribbling

Speed/Acc: Not the quickest player you'll ever see, but still pretty quick. He doesn't run too much off the ball, but when he does, he reaches his top speed very quickly - hence the high Acceleration.

Agility: Very agile, PSD gave him 89 - which underates him a little. He turns so quickly when in possesion, enabling him to do the tricks and skills which have become his trademark.

Dribbling: Technically speaking, one of the best dribblers Celtic fans have seen, he has so much control over the ball - most of the time it is glued to his feet. This combined with his DS and Agilty makes him very hard to tackle - just like in real life.

Passing: This is his biggest weakness, and the main reason he isn't considered a 'world-class' player. His short passes are normally fairly easy to intercept and his long passing (accuracy-wise) is erratic at best. Don't be fooled by the fact that he made over 40 assists in his last three seasons at Celtic, this is mainly because of his dribbling skills and the amount of pace he can get on his crosses.

Shooting: More a scorer of great goals than a great goalscorer, he has a tendency to cut in from either side and shoot and when it works it is sublime. But like his passing, it can be very erratic.

Mentality/Team Work: A typical winger in this sense, doesn't like doing any of the nitty-gritty work required in his postion, and doesn't tend to do it. His team-work rating is fair, despite the amount of chances he creates for others, he can be selfish.

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