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neilez2’s Chant Packs

neilez2’s chant packs

Unlike the profit seeking scumbags out there who are selling Option Files and chant packs (most of which aren't there own work!) I don't want to profit from this.

Instead I have created a Just Giving page and if you feel you would like to reward all the time and effort I have put into these chant packs then please donate at my Just Giving page with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

Last year over 3,000 people downloaded my packs. If only they had donated a £1 each, what a difference it could make!

With so many Option Files and ways to play PES 2011 I’ve created as many chant packs as I could, to allow people to customise their game the way they want it.

Download the chants you want, listen to them, and then decide which ones you want to use in your game

Click on the links below to download


Austria - Tipp3 – Bundesliga

Belgium - Jupiler Pro League

Bosnia & Herzegovina - Premijer Liga

Bulgaria - A PFG

Croatia - T-Com 1.HNL

Denmark – Superligaen

England - Premiership

England - NPower Championship

England - NPower League 1

England - NPower League 2

France - Ligue 1

Germany – Bundesliga

Germany - 2.Bundesliga

Greece - Super League

Holland – Eredivisie

Ireland - Airtricity League

Italy - Serie A

Montenegro - Prva Crnogorska Liga

Poland – Ekstraklasa

Portugal - Portuguese Liga

Romania - Liga 1

Russia - Premier League

Scotland – SPL

Scotland - IRN-BRU First Division

Scotland - IRN-BRU Second Division

Serbia - Jelen SuperLiga

Spain - La Liga

Sweden – Allsvenskan

Switzerland - Axpo Super League

Turkey - Spor Toto Super Lig

Ukraine – UPL

North America


South America

Argentina - Primera A

Brazil - Campeonato Brasileiro Série A


Japan - J-League Division 1


International Teams

Miscellaneous Chants
(very handy for conserving space as these can be used for a variety of teams)

Entrance Music

Goal Music

Half Time and Full Time Music

*Unconfirmed – The only limit on the number of chants you can use is the space available on your hard drive!*

*I do not have the game yet and therefore rely on feedback from users as to what needs changed with the chants. If any do not work, please let me know so I can try to address the issue*

* Once I have the game I will release notes on what in game volume etc to use to maximise the chants*

*As these chants are in a variety of languages I would appreciate if you could PM me if you know the names of any of the chants!*

Copying chants to PS3

1. Download neilez2’s chant packs

2. Unpack them with winrar (

3. Create a folder on your USB drive/cd/dvd called “PS3”

4. Inside the new “PS3” folder, create a “MUSIC” folder

5. Extract the chants you want to use into the “MUSIC” folder

6. Go to 'Music' option on the PS3 XMB

7. Select USB drive/cd/dvd then “display all”

8. Select 'Copy all'

9. Start up PES2011, got to 'Edit mode', then 'team', then 'chant', this will then allow you to access all the sound files on your ps3.

10. Enjoy the offline atmosphere the chants create

Here are links to the sites I’ve used to help create my chant packs: - *use this if you want to change the volume of chants*


My aim was to provide PES 2011 players with a variety of chants to select from to enhance the atmosphere of offline gaming, Master League and Become a Legend.

I have collated, converted and adapted these chants from a variety of locations.

Known Issues

*some files aren't showing up in the ps3 music folder on the XMB. This has nothing to do with the game, this is just the ps3 refusing to read the file. I'll look into it asap*

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